My favourite summer blouse

Hello beauties 😘 It is sooo hot in London these days!

As the title of this article says, I have found the perfect summer blouse and I wanted to show it to everyone. It is from Primark, one of my favourite brands which I often advertise on this blog. As you can see from the pictures below, it is in a lovely ochre/light orange hue, which is very chich and summery. It has cute three- quarter puffed sleeves, a feature that I’m loving a lot recently and I also love the fact that it can be worn either like a T-shirt by leaving the shoulders covered or more like a sleeveless top, by pulling the sleeves down to leave the shoulders uncovered. Here, I paired it with denim shorts and I tucked it inside them but it can also be worn on top of trousers especially if worn with leggings or skinny jeans. This would create a type of look more suitable for the evening and perfect for a night out especially if paired with a pair of stylish heels and an elegant pursue.

As you can see from the photos, straw has got to be one of my favourite fabrics this summer. Indeed in these pictures I’m wearing a lovely fringed hem straw summer hat and a cute straw bag in a diamond shape with brown shoulder strap. Shoes are canvas espadrilles with strings from Primark. How are you liking this summer outfit? ❤️ For more details on the brands and accessories I’m wearing have a look at the captions below the pictures.

I hope that you have also found your favourite blouse to wear this summer. If not, it may as well be this one😉

Have a lovely evening beauties, don’t forget to smile and I’ll see you in the next article xx💞

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