Oriental vibes

Hi everyone 🙂 Today I am showing you one of my favourite summer outfits so far. I am so in love with this Primark shirt dress! And with my little man Joel who is acting like a little model in these pictures (thankfully 😅!).

Where do I start? The floral print with a dark blue background and pretty white flowers, the knees length, the three-quarter puffed sleeves, the collar… I love the whole design of this dress and its every detail. It reminds me a lot of the beautiful traditional Chinese dresses with floral prints, collar, and side split. Although it doesn’t have a split on the side like most of traditional Chinese dresses, it is possible to “artificially” create a split in the middle by simply leaving the last two buttons open when wearing it (I have tried doing that in particular hot days and it looks exactly as if it was a “cut” split, so chic😉).

I love the shoes as well, which are faux leather high heel sandals in a lovely pale pink hue with plateau from Primark. The bag I’m wearing in the pictures, you may have already spotted it in my previous article about the ochre blouse, it’s the pretty diamond shape Primark straw bag with brown shoulder strap. This is definitely one of my favourite summer outfits and even if I’m not Chinese, I must admit that I feel many oriental vibes when I wear it 🥰🐲

Joel’s outfit is also one of my favourites for the summer. Little man is wearing an adorable floral print shirt with short sleeves from Primark and denim shorts. Shoes are in cute brown faux leather with blue canvas inserts from Tu Kids. If there are any mamas and papas out there I hope Joel’s outfit has given you some good inspiration for your little kids’ summer fashion.

I hope you liked these outfits and this article and please do let me know what your favourite summer outfits are🙂 Leave a comment below👇

I wish everyone a nice and relaxing weekend, try to do things that make you happy if you can xx

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