A touch of Vanilla and Tonka Bean to help you unwind

Hello beauties😘 Today I wanted to talk about wellbeing and relax. One of the things that helps me relax and maintain a good mood is smelling fragrances. Indeed I like using parfumes and home fragrances. Since I have a toddler, my love for home fragrances and deodorants has recently greatly increased (mummies and daddies out there will understand me😉).

I have recently found a home fragrance that is both delicate and strong at the same time (enough to cover the dirty nappies smell almost entirely 😁). It is the vanilla and tonka bean fragranced reed diffuser from Sainsbury’s HOME. It has become my favourite home fragrance so much that I have bought two of them to use in different rooms of my home. I have always loved vanilla both as flavour and scent.

Combined with honey, Tonka beans and caramel it creates an even more delicious aroma. It is pleasant and relaxing. I also like the design of the bottle, transparent with horizontal white stripes and a metal lid, which perfectly matches my white furniture. I think that this neutral look makes it perfect to match any wallpaper, walls and furniture. And being contained in it’s size, it can be easily put in any room of the house without taking too much space (I have put it one on the bathroom shelf too!). It is a perfect touch for my home and I’m sure it will be for yours too😁

Do you like home fragrances? What is your favourite scent at the moment? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish you a lovely evening (:

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