My favourite Bessie backpack and BIK BOK skirt

Hi beauties 😘 I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am so in love with this outfit for summer/autumn. I hope you like it as much as I do. My favourite parts of this outfit are the skirt and the backpack. The backpack’s hue is lovely: this light green is delicate and bright at the same time. It brings light to the whole outfit 🙂 This cute backpack caught my attention not only for its beautiful colour but also for its design. It has a curved shape, which is graceful. It’s large enough to allow us to fill it with many items (including food for a picnic😋) without being too heavy since the material and design make it very light to carry. The colour of the backpack is pretty but requires a bit of attention when considering the combination with the garments.

Indeed since it is a hue that is pretty bright and noticeable, it goes better combined with black and white garments or with clothes that are of a neutral shade like pale pink, light brown, beige, ivory, grey etc.

As you can see from the picture, I have chosen to pair it with a white skirt and black top and shoes. In this way, the intensity and quantity of colour in the outfit is balanced. The backpack has three pockets: the main one, one inside and a smaller one at the front. The straps can be adjusted to our favourite length and the presence of handle is useful as it allows us to also carry the backpack in our hand like we would do with a handbag.

Backpack: Bessie London.

The skirt has got to be one of my favourite garments I have ever worn. I chose it because its beautiful bright pristine white hue and white lace details caught my attention. I love lace, I think it adds a touch of grace and elegance to any garment and accessory. The skirt is knee-length, tight and has a petticoat which makes it more elegant, perfect to wear in the city and not just on the beach.

Skirt: BIK BOK. Top: George at Asda.

Although it is made in polyester, it is so soft and lightweight that resembles a lot viscose, a natural fibre. Similarly, when you wear it, the body skin seems to breathe in the same way it does when you wear natural fibres. I think it is because of the way this fabric has been created and sewed.

Since I like black and white outfits, I have decided to pair the skirt with a black long sleeved corduroy top. I think it goes perfectly with this skirt. The black of the top creates a perfect contrast with the sparkling white of the skirt. It highlights the skirt and makes it seem brighter. To adhere to the black and white style, I have added black leather boots with side zip and medium heel from Prada. And this is the end of the outfit’s description, I hope you found it interesting 😊

What are your thoughts on this outfit? What is your favourite part of it? Leave a comment below to share your opinions and ideas with me✌️ I look forward to hearing from you, have a great start of the week ahead everyone, don’t forget to be your own light in the darkness 🌠

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