A sparkling summer outfit

Hi lovelies 😊 Today I want to show you a very cute dress I have recently purchased. It’s from a brand called LOVE, which produces all garments ethically in the UK. I honestly had never heard of this brand before, I discovered it thanks to this dress, which was displayed in an outlet store. I think it’s a pretty new brand since they don’t have a lot of stuff on their website yet but it’s certainly an interesting brand on which it might be worth to keep an eye on πŸ™‚ Personally, I really appreciate the effort they are doing in respect of sustainability and valorisation of British materials. As you can see from the pictures in this article, the dress I’m referring to is a sleeveless summer short dress in a sparkling shade of bronze.

I chose to buy this dress because of three features I liked: the colour, the fabric and the sash. This hue of rust/bronze is a must for both summer and autumn seasons. It can be paired with many colours like neutrals, red and brown. The fabric has been crafted in a particular way so that the dress appears lucid and shiny: this makes it trendy and perfect to be worn on a night out or a special occasion.

The sash is perfect to highlight the waist and emphasize the figure. This dress is very light so it is perfect for warmer summer days. To wear it on a colder day, an elegant cardigan in brown/bronze colour with some sparkling details such as a shiny finish or golden buttons can be a perfect addition.

The shoes I am wearing with this lovely dress are the cute sandals in faux leather in pale pink from Primark which I have already showed you in the previous article about the Ralph Lauren pink dress. The beautiful shining watch with strap in grey faux leather and brilliants is from Swaroski. It is a good match for this dress because they are both sparkling πŸ˜„

Bracelet: DZI

The cute bracelet you can see me wearing in the photos, is a handmade bracelet from a Chinese jewellery and craftsmanship shop called DZI. The stones used to create this bracelet are onyx (the black ones) and jade (the green one). These stones beside being beautiful, are also thought to bring good luck and a long life. Certainly an extra reason to buy this bracelet πŸ₯°

And that’s the end of the description of this cute sparkling summer outfit. How did you find this outfit and dress? Let me know by leaving a comment below, I’m curious to know your opinions 😘 And do let me know if there is a special brand, fashion or accessory you would like to see discussed on the blogπŸ˜„ I take on board your suggestions! Keep smiling beauties and I’ll see you in the next article 😘

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