High-necked olive drab dress and a touch of pink

Hi dear friends🥰 I hope everyone is doing great! As the title says, today I’m showing you a very cute lovely outfit composed of a lovely high-necked olive drab dress, pink handbag, black cardigan with silver buttons and black heels.

This dress is beautiful and I love wearing it, I think that it makes my figure look great. A sheath dress is always a great option if you have a small waist and a rectangular body shape. So if you are reading this and have these body features, you should definitely go purchase more sheath dresses (this one included 😉). The high neck makes it perfect to wear in those cold and windy autumn days: great to prevent a sore throat and dashing at the same time 😁. The shoulder pads create an original touch, which reminds a bit the ’80s fashion. This olive drab colour is suitable for autumn as it reminds the colour of the dry leaves and it’s also easy to pair: it goes perfectly with black, white, brown, rust, auburn, burgundy, taupe, cream, champagne, bronze, gold, light pink, beige and all other neutral hues.

In this case I have paired it with black shoes and a lovely light pink handbag. The shoes are black imitation suede stiletto shoes from Primark. Both the colour and the shape of these shoes match well with this dress as they are pointy and thin like the dress and in black hue which goes well with the dress’ olive drab shade.

The handbag is a favourite of mine🥰 It’s a beautiful pale pink handbag in faux leather from Maison Heroine. I like the fact that it comes with a shoulder strap which can be easily removed thanks to the two hooks at the side, turning it into a clutch in a matter of seconds. In this way it can be used both as a shoulder bag paired with a more informal outfit or as a clutch combined with a more formal one. Since this is an elegant look, I have chosen to remove the shoulder strap and use it as a clutch as you can see from the gallery below. I love the gold detail at the front of this handbag and at the end of the zip. I think this gold details match perfectly with the light pink hue of the bag. Plus, the gold goes perfectly with the olive drab hue of this dress. I think that this bag is a perfect addition to this outfit 🤗

The last piece of the outfit is the cardigan, as you can see from the pictures below. I have chosen to add this cardigan to complete this autumn outfit so that it becomes warmer which is important if the outfit needs to be worn out in the streets and not only inside a building. I love cardigans since they are so easy to wear and take off compared with jumpers. Plus, they look more elegant and chic. This cardigan is a black cardigan with silver coloured buttons from Zara. It is a very particular cardigan as the fabric has been sewed to create a design which reminds of inlay work, even if the material used is the same fabric which is also present in the inside of the garment. But it seems different to the touch and by looking at it, because of the way it has been sewed. It is a very pretty design. I find it very elegant and cute. The only downside is that this sewed decoration is very delicate and it can be easily damaged if the fabric comes in touch with sharp metal objects, pointy objects (a chain or metal details on handbags can easily ruin it for instance) or sticky items like adhesives. So it requires some attention when worn. All in all, this cardigan represents a perfect addition to the outfit because of its design, the detail of the silver buttons and the black hue which matches the shoes.

Last but not least are the accessories: the watch you can see at my wrist is a Swaroski crystals and grey faux leather strap watch from Swaroski. And that brings us to the end of the description of this chic autumn outfit. What did you think of it? Have a look at the gallery below and let me know what you think of it by commenting below😘 I really hope you enjoyed this article and that you could find some useful insights and inspiration for your autumn looks❤️

Have a lovely weekend everyone and always do what you love 🥰

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