Maxfactor Sunbronze Elixir Lipstick Review💄💋

Hi beauties 😘 I hope everyone is having a great Christmas time so far 🙂 I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I have been very very busy looking after my son Joel and cleaning my home (and also trying to stop Joel from making a mess of it on a regular basis😆).

I have recently purchased a beautiful lipstick that I liked so much that I have decided to share it with all of you💗 Maybe you could find an inspiration for a Christmas present by reading this article 🤗

The lipstick I have been talking about is the Maxfactor Elixir lipstick in the Sunbronze shade as you have noticed from the title above. It’s a beautiful lipstick in a red/brown shade, which I love. It’s chic, is perfect for autumn and is elegant but at the same time chill, so that it can be worn pretty much any time any day even inside our home. I personally wear it both when I’m at home and when I go outside and it does its job perfectly in both situations, by adding that touch of elegance and sophistication and at the same time bringing some autumn vibes in my daily make-up.

I also love the packaging, as you can see from the picture above, it comes in a beautiful and elegant gold packaging with the black Max factor writing in the middle. I must admit is the best lipstick packaging I have in my make-up bag so far😃

I also like the slim shade which makes it very easy to apply. I don’t even need to apply a lip liner first and the texture being Matt, it doesn’t smudge during application.

The colour is vibrant and has good pigmentation even if it requires a few applications before reaching the same shade of colour you find in the tube. At first, it looks a bit lighter than the colour you see in the tube. It looks more a pink/light brown shade than a red/brown one, but after two/three applications, the colour becomes darker and more vibrant reaching the same shade you see in the tube. I have also happily noticed that the colour doesn’t transfer on things such as napkins or glasses but it does transfer on other people skin (I noticed that when I kissed my son on the cheek 😆).

This is how Sunbronze looks after a few minutes from application without any lipline or retouch.

The price, £8.99 is very good for its quality making it a pretty affordable lipstick. You can find it for €6,20 on Amazon 🙂

Indeed most of Maxfactor brand products have very good quality/price rapport and that’s why I really like this brand 🤗

I leave the flaws for last as nothing is perfect in this world as you well know lovelies 😉

First it’s not very long lasting. It doesn’t survive a meal and not even a drink in my experience. I have to reapply it every time I drink or eat something and overall I end up retouching it at least three times during the day.

Despite the description on Max factor website states it’s a nourishing formula enriched with emollients and vitamin E, I find that it leaves my lips pretty dry, indeed I have to apply lip balm both before and sometimes even after applying Sunbronze. It’s true though that most lipsticks end up leaving the lips a bit dry no matter what the ingredients are especially if they are worn for many hours during the day. Personally, considering the price and all the good qualities of this lipstick, I find this last flaw just a minor detail.

Least but not last, vote😃 Sunbronze takes four stars out of five. Despite a few flaws, I love this lipstick, the Sunbronze shade is perfect for autumn, the slim shade makes it super easy to apply and the packaging adds a touch of sophistication to any makeup bag. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes lipsticks and want to try some autumn style products🥰🍁 It would also make a perfect Christmas present🎁

I hope you liked this article beauties and tell me about your favourite lipsticks and make-up products in the comments below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! God bless you and don’t forget to share beauty and kindness with anyone you meet❤️ Big kiss💋

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