Homemade Christmas Wreath🎄

Hi dear friends I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas time so far🙂 I’m spending Christmas at home here in London with my son Joel. He has been pretty naughty recently so it’s been very hard for me to manage everything but as always with the help of God we managed to overcome even the most difficult days. Who knows though how many presents will Joel get this year?😆Only Santa knows🎅 And how has your Christmas time been so far? For the ones among you who are parents I hope your kids aren’t giving you too much a hard time (especially to single parents I pray for you and you can do this😘)

I really like Christmas decorations and this year I have decided to make some myself rather than buying them. How do you like this Christmas wreath? If you find it cute and want to know how to make it, keep reading this article and I will show you, it’s pretty easy to make and I think it gives a lovely, leafy and elegant Christmas touch to the home🙂

So here it’s the tutorial to create the Christmas wreath:

First you need to cut a circle from a piece of cardboard. You can use any cardboard you have at home. It’s better to use what you already have at home rather than buying something new so you can save money and the environment 🙂 In this case, I have used the cardboard I had kept of salmon slices, I chose it because it’s a pretty silver colour, perfect to create a Christmas decoration. To cut a perfect circle I have used a homemade compass. You can create one by attaching a bit of twine to a pencil or a pen and then pressing one extremity of the twine firmly with your finger whilst drawing the circle. Once you have cut your circle with scissors, you need to draw another circle inside the circle you already have with the compass and cut it. So you have now created a round frame that can be used as a base to create the wreath.

Second step is to find or create the ornaments to attach to the wreath. You can use any ornaments you have at home. Both dry leaves, food, flowers and plastic leaves, food and flowers can be used to create the wreath. In this case I have used strawberry leaves to create the green background. You just need to remove the leaves from some strawberries and let them dry for a whole night. Once dry, the leaves are ready to be glued to the cardboard frame. You can use a liquid glue that is intended specifically for crafts or also the super glue you find at the grocery store to repair China and glasses but if you choose this last one make sure you use some protective gloves as the glue is very powerful and may attach your fingers skin together. If you don’t have glue at home, you can also use boiled jam, which works perfectly to attach leaves and dries pretty quickly. This part requires a bit of patience as you need to put glue on every leaf and then attach it to the cardboard frame and press it for at least 30 seconds untile the glue dries. After you have attached two or three leaves, you can add some different type of ornament for example a slice of dry lemon or orange.

Just cut a few slices of orange and lemon and let them dry outside the fridge for a day or two. Once dry, they are ready to be attached to the cardboard frame.

Follow the same steps as above to attach the orange and lemon slices to the cardboard. Try to vary a bit while you add the fruit. As you can see, I have put some strawberry leaves, then a lemon slice and then another strawberry leaf just to create a balance between the colours and the texture. You can use your creativity to make the wreath come to life. For example, I have created some red berries by using some icing.

To create red berries, you need to create some little balls with the icing and then let them dry for at least a day so they become hard. Then you can paint them with some red food colouring and let them dry for a day. Once dry, they are ready to be glued to the cardboard frame.

Continue to glue the ornaments to the cardboard frame until the circle is full. This work requires some patience and it may be a bit tiring as you have to press all the ornaments to the frame until the glue begins to dry. But once finished, the result is very pretty.

Last step is to add more ornaments to your wreath to cover all silver carboard areas. Ideally you won’t want to see any cardboard piece when the wreath is finished. So wherever you see a piece of carboard popping out, add some more ornaments so that the cardboard frame is hidden. I have also used some little pieces of dry mushrooms and tiny pieces of wood to enrich the wreath but really you can use anything you have in the fridge or in the garden or in the crafts drawer that you find cute🙂 Once you have glued all of your ornaments to the cardboard frame, just remove the excess glue so that it looks tidy and clean and let the wreath dry for a night. The day after you can check your wreath to see if the glue has completed dried. If some items move slightly when you touch them, it’s better to leave the wreath dry for the whole day too. Once all the ornaments are completely still and there is no excess glue visible, the wreath is ready.

Now you can hang your beautiful homemade Christmas wreath to the wall or the door by using some hooks or adhesives and merry Christmas to you all🎅

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