Homemade Christmas Lantern🎅

Hi everyone I hope you’re having a lovely pre-Christmas Eve-ning 😆 Christmas is just two days away and I can’t wait for it🥰 Are you also looking forward to Christmas? I hope you will get to spend it surrounded by your loved ones💞🎁

This year I’m a lot into crafts and interior design so I have decided to make a lot of homemade Christmas decorations🙂 Among them, I have created these lovely Christmas lanterns, which are so pretty and so easy to make! If you want to make one too, have a look at the tutorial below 😘

Merry Christmas everyone💖

First step is to choose a cute jar, ideally one that you already have at home. I chose this one ,which is the recipient of some tomato sauce, because I liked the shape, which is larger at the base and thinner at the top and indeed reminded me of a lantern but you can choose any jar you have in your cupboard and the result will be just as good🙂 Once you have selected your jar, wash it thoroughly with water and dishwashing soap and let it dry. Make sure to remove all stains both inside and outside the jar so that it will be completed transparent like the one in the picture above.

Second step is to fill the jar with some iridescent plastic snow. I have bought this snow from a shop but you can also make some snow yourself if you don’t want to buy it. Just cut small pieces from a white plastic bag or try using icing sugar, flour or cotton wool. Fill about half the jar with the snow. If you use flour or icing sugar, make sure to clean any stains that may have formed on the inside of the jar.

Third step is to add the small light inside. You can use either a small candle or a tea light. I have used a tea light in this case because with a toddler in the home I prefer to reduce candles to the minimum for safety reasons. This tealights are very cute because they have an amber light and are so easy to turn on and off thanks to the little switch at the bottom. You can find them in big grocery stores, crafts shops or also hardware stores. They are cheap but make a nice ornament in the home. You can also purchase them online if you prefer🙂. Once you have chosen your favourite candle or tealight, insert it inside the jar.

Fourth step is to add a ribbon at the top of the jar and tie a small bow. Try to use a ribbon which is same colour of the candle or tealight so the colours match more harmoniously. In this case I didn’t have a red ribbon so I created one myself by painting a pale pink ribbon with red paint.

If you also have to paint your ribbon, make sure you do this after you have tied it to the jar, as if you paint it before, the ribbon will become too hard when the paint starts to dry and it will be impossible to tie it around the jar. If some stains form on the jar while painting, wipe them away immediately before the paint starts to dry.

Once you have finished painting the ribbon and bow, let it dry for a few hours. Now your beautiful homemade Christmas lantern is ready. You can use it as centrepiece, as an ornament on a furniture or put it in any place of your home you prefer. It works even used as a doorstop as it’s pretty heavy! I have used them both as centrepieces and ornaments over furniture and I love them. They are so cosy and elegant 😊 A perfect Christmas touch to the home💮

If you wish, you can use your creativity to personalise your homemade Christmas lanterns. For example in this picture there is one I have created with gold glitters. To make one, just follow the steps above but before letting the paint dry on the ribbon, pour some gold glitters over it and then let it dry. Blow away excess glitters or wipe them away and now your shiny homemade Christmas lantern is ready 🙂

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