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Hi everyone I hope you all spent a great Christmas holiday ❤️ Now that winter has come I thought about creating a winter wood decoration to add that winter vibes to the home😊 It’s pretty easy to make and has a cosy and elegant feel, it can be used as a Christmas decoration as well so if you decide to make one, make sure you keep it until next Christmas 😉 If you like the idea and want to create your own homemade winter wood lantern, have a read at the tutorial below😘 Enjoy this winter season and get ready to blossom 🌸❤️


To create a homemade winter wood lantern you need to get a rectangular cardboard box with three or four holes which will form the body of the lantern. The box needs to have the opening at the top ideally so that it will be easier to add the snow but if your box opens on one side or at the bottom it’s still manageable. Some toys boxes or grocery packagings have a rectangular shape and some also have holes like this one in the picture. If you can’t find a box with holes, just cut three holes (if you want to see the black sky in the background) or four holes (if you don’t want the sky) of the same dimension from a rectangular carboard box. If you have to cut the holes from the box, use a pencil and a ruler to draw the holes first so you are sure they are all the same size. When your box is ready, you have to paint it with black colour paint. Use acrylic paint if you can, so the colour will be water resistant and that will come handy if you want to put the lantern outside. If you don’t have acrylic paint, you can add a few drops of liquid glue to your standard paint, this will make it more resistant to water. Make sure you paint also the inside of the lantern and the bottom. When you have painted the whole lantern, let it dry for a night to make sure the paint will be completely dry.


Once the lantern is completely dry, it should look something like this. Now we need to create the winter wood decoration inside.


To create the winter wood scenery, you have to first cut a square from a brown paper to create the ground. Check the dimensions of the bottom of your box and draw a square of the same dimensions and then cut it with scissors. Once you have your brown paper square, either press it firmly on the bottom of the box or attach it with a bit of glue. That is not mandatory anyway as the things we will put above will keep the paper in place 😊


Now we have to add the components of our winter wood landscape. You can use everything you think it’s realistic to create a wood scenery. If you have a garden, you can get some stones and leaves like I have done. If you don’t, you can use some things you have in your fridge, like pieces of mushrooms, strawberry or basil leaves, lettuce. Let them dry first after removing them from the fridge. You can also add dry flowers or plastic leaves. If you are good at crafts, you can use some malleable paste to create stones and leaves. You can paint them after they are dry. It doesn’t matter if they’re not too realistic as they are going to be covered in snow 🙂 To create the light at the bottom, I have used a small tree light which I had at home. If you don’t have anything similar, you can create a small tree with some malleable paste, paint it with silver or green acrylic paint and then add a small battery light at the base of the tree or behind it. The effect is very realistic 😀


Once you’re happy with your winter wood scenery, you can add some additional details such as small characters. I have chosen a little plastic fairy which I think makes the landscape a bit more magical. You could also add some small plastic animals like birds or squirrels. If you don’t have anything of the sort, make some small characters with some malleable paste and then use your creativity to personalise them.


Now that the bottom of the lantern is ready, we can focus on the top. I have created the moon, by using two round bar soaps glued together and covered with white paper. Once your moon is ready you can decorate it with some silver glitters or little stars. I have used both as you can see 😊 Once decorated, the moon needs to be attached at the top of the lantern. To do this you need to get some white thread and make a small hole at the top of the paper which covers the moon. Then insert the strand inside the hole and attach it on the inside of the white paper with a tiny piece of tape. Make a test to see if the thread has been attached well by holding the top extremity of the strand and see if the moon hangs without detaching from it. If the thread is sturdy enough to hold the moon, it’s ready to be attached at the top of the box. You need to open the top of the box and attach the thread to the inside with some tape. Make sure the moon hangs right above the top of the tree. Adjust the strand by cutting it if you need to.


Now it’s time to add the snow to our beautiful winter wood scenery. You can use some iridescent plastic snow like this. It’s easy to find it in big grocery stores or crafts shop. If you don’t have it you can also make some by cutting small pieces from a white plastic bag and mixing them with pieces cut from a translucent paper. The effect should be pretty realistic 😀 If your box opens at the bottom it will be easier to make the snow fall over your winter wood. If your box opens at the bottom and you couldn’t turn it for some reason you can add the snow from the holes you have cut at the sides of the lantern.


To cover the tree with snow, I have used some flour. If you have a sieve, you can pour a few teaspoons of flour into it and then shake it gently above the tree. If you don’t have one, you can use a teaspoon or an even smaller plastic spoon if you have it. Shake it very gently so that the snow falls evenly above the tree. Once the tree has become completely snow-white, you can add some final touches like some silver glitters on the tree and wood. You can pour them in the sieve and make them fall down from the top.


The final passage is to add the top light. To do this you need to get a small battery light, (you also use a small night light) and attach it on the inside of the top of the box with some adhesives. Press it firmly to the cardboard for at least thirty seconds and do a test to check if the light holds well. If it detaches, add more adhesives to the back of the light and press it firmly to the inside of the box for a minute. Once the light is sturdy enough and stay perfectly still, you should be able to open and close the top of your lantern without any problem. This will be useful if you need to add snow or other things to your lantern later. Important note: make sure your light is not bigger than the top part of your lantern or it will be difficult to attach it to the top and you won’t be able to open and close the lantern smoothly.


Now you can turn off the light and switch on your winter wood lantern😊 You can either turn on the white light for more winter vibes or the coloured light for more Christmas vibes🏮 If you want both lights, just turn them on at the same time, switch off the light in your living room and you’ll get a wonderful lights show effect from your beautiful homemade winter wood lantern ❄️

I hope you liked this article lovelies and that you will try to make an attempt to create your own beautiful winter wood lantern😘 If you give it a go, post me some pictures of your winter wood lanterns in the comments below I’m looking forward to seeing your creations 😄

Kisses xx

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