The cutest braid hairstyles for spring 2021🌺

Hi beauties, I hope you are all enjoying spring wherever you are! How is the temperature in your country? Here in London spring is cold! It’s about 10/15 degrees during the day and even 2/3 degrees at night ❄️ I’m not very used to it because in my hometown in Rome spring is pretty hot! We usually have around 20/23 degrees during the day and 15/17 degrees at night! I guess my body needs time to adapt to this colder weather still🤷 Since I’m spending quite a lot of time at home because it’s cold outside I have become pretty interested in braid hairstyles! I have found the time to finally learn how to make french/Dutch braids, which I had always wanted to learn since I was a little girl🙂

My first attempt at making French/Dutch braids🙂 They should be more tighten and start from a point closer to the head but anyway I’m loving them and I’m going to practice more🥰

What do you think of them? It wasn’t easy at first and I had to start again a few times before obtaining this result but I’m lucky I found a very good tutorial on YouTube after a bit of research which explained very clearly how to make these braids step by step🙂 I am not a hairstyles expert but I’m passionate about it and I love seeing cute spring hairstyles inspiration! Indeed I have also tried to make bubble braids, which is the latest trend for braid hairstyles this spring!

My attempt at making bubble braids, one of the latest braid hairstyles for spring 2021, not too bad I’d say but can always improve 😉 The beautiful ochre elastic headband I’m wearing with the braids is from Primark🙂

They weren’t too easy to make either but after a while I got used to making them and I think I’m getting better at it🙂 The beautiful ochre/orange elastic headband that I’m wearing with these lovely bubble braids is from Primark . I have chosen to add two white satin ribbons at the end of the braids to cover the elastics and also give a more romantic touch. What do you think?🥰

Speaking of the latest braid hairstyles, I have recently found out Nicole Kidman has worn a lovely braid hairstyles which is trending this spring: the fishtail braid!

Nicole Kidman has chosen to wear a lovely fishtail braid and a beautiful floral dress by Armani for her appearance at SAG Awards 2021🙂

I absolutely adore her look and hairstyle in this picture, especially the loose flocks of hair which frame the face and make this braid hairstyle more delicate, spontaneous and romantic, perfect for spring ❤️

I have also fallen in love with scarfs, headbands and all other hair accessories this year such as ribbons and flowers! I think they look super cute and after doing some research I have realised they are trending this spring! In particular the scarf braid hairstyles is one of the cutest hairstyle trends this spring 🙂

Just add a floral scarf to your French/Dutch braid hairstyle to make it more spring-like and romantic 🌼 Image via

Image via

You can also add a cute floral scarf to a single bubble braid at the back of the head. It looks very elegant and chic🙂

If you don’t have a scarf, try adding other hair accessories to your spring braid hairstyles such as a cute hair slide:

Two small braids tied with a cute hair slide at the back of the head create a super cute and romantic spring braid hairstyle!🌼

or a pretty hair pin such as these adorable flower ones:

Add some cute floral hair pins to your small braids to tie them at the back of your head and make them more springy🌸. Image via SohoStyleOfficial

In alternative, you can just create a flower with your own braids such as this lovely fishtail flower braid:

If you don’t have any flowers or floral accessories just create a flower fishtail braid at the back of your head to have the most beautiful spring hairstyle 🥰

Or pick some flowers from your garden and insert them in your braids:

Just add a few colorful flowers and a white ribbon to create the springiest and cutest braid hairstyle🥰🌺 Image via Clo_love_life’s Instagram page
Here I have added a daisy to a cute braid hairstyle I have made🌸😊

I have also noticed another trend this spring, the braids and pigtails linked all together! It’s a super fun and cute spring hairstyle which I definitely want to try!

Want a more fun and breezy hairstyle? Try the bubble braids combined to pigtails! Perfect to go jogging in the park🌞 image via Fashion Girl’s Blog
Even actresses such as the cast from Australian Saddle club TV series have opted for the braids and pigtails all in one look! Perfect to go ride your horse in the nature🐎

Other two super cute braid hairstyles which are trending this spring are the waterfall braids:

Even a single small waterfall braid at the side of the head creates a super chic and romantic spring hairstyle and takes only five/ten minutes to make🌻 Image via Refinery29.
A big waterfall braid at the side of the head is a statement this spring!🌸 Image via

and the halo braids which are perfect for summer too!

Halo braids will keep you fresh even in the hottest spring and summer while giving you a glam and delicate look💋🌼 Image via A beautiful mess.

Last but not least the Flavia braid! It’s a braid hairstyle I have created 😉 What do you think of it?

To make this cute hairstyles you need to create first a French braid and then another smaller braid on the other side which will form another braid with the French braid and a loose lock of hair. Basically it’s a double braid😊 I think it looks cute!

So here you have it! All the latest trends for spring braid hairstyles! You can’t go wrong if you wear one of these😆

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