Handmade spring lantern🌺

Hi beauties happy spring everyone! I recently made this lovely spring lantern that I already showed you on my Instagram:

I wrote you that I would try to write a tutorial to show you how to make one so here it is!😊 It’s very easy and fun to make and plus all you need is a carboard box and a bit of creativity 🌞


First cut three rectangles of same size on three sides of your box then paint it with a nice spring acrylic shade. I have used a purple tone here but you can choose any colour you like. Then add a square of beige/brown paper inside the lantern to create the soil which is the base of your spring landscape.


Now take a small glass jar (even the jam one works well) and fill it with some stones,a few dry flowers, leaves and slices of dry fruit . Then add the tea candle inside the jar and tie a ribbon at the top of it. I have used a purple ribbon here to match the lantern colour but you can use any shade you like 🙂 Then place the jar inside the lantern and add some details to your landscape such as dry leaves, stones and flowers. You can make some flowers too using modellable paste or fabric😊 Arrange your landscape until you are happy with how it looks.


Now add some cute spring animals to your lantern to make it more fun and cuter such as a bunny and a sheep. I have also added a butterfly made with modellable paste. I have cut a hole at the top of it to attach it to the top of the lantern 😊 You can add any animals you like, either plastic ones or you can make some yourself and decorate them.


As a final touch, sprinkle some gold or silver powder on your spring landscape to make it brighter and shinier. Now place your beautiful handmade spring lantern on your sitting room or bedroom table and enjoy a fresh, fun and colorful spring addition to your home! You can even light the lantern on your balcony on warmer nights to create a beautiful and cosy atmosphere🕯️

I hope you liked this article beauties!

If so please like and comment to let me know if you tried to make a spring handmade lantern too❤️

Have a wonderful start of the week everyone full of light and happiness 🌞



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