Makeup Revolution Reloaded eye shadow palette review

Hi beauties I wanted to write a review of this Makeup reveloution palette that I adore:

I really like the variety of colours in it from bight tones to dark ones. Especially the bright ones particularly the pink, yellow and orange shades are very pretty and versatile. I find that whenever I need a colour to apply on my eyes I find it in this palette, there hasn’t been a colour I haven’t found in it that I really needed except maybe for a lighter shade of grey.

This bright pink is a favourite of mine, it’s a beautiful rich colour not too heavy but noticeable and perfect for spring ❤️

The texture is pretty good and it’s very easy to apply even if I have found that it takes sometimes two or three touches to get the same colour you see in the palette, especially for some lighter tones such as the yellow and light pink. This can be a bit annoying for people who don’t have much time to get ready and need a colour on their eyelids immediately but the dark colours are richer in pigment so they are easier and quicker to apply 😊

This dark green is perfect for a variation on a classic grey smoky eyes and it’s rich in pigment so very easy to apply 🤗

Overall, despite a few minor flaws,I am very impressed with this palette and I rate it four stars out of five😊 If you want to buy it you can find the Makeup Reveloution Reloaded euphoria version of this eye shadow palette on Amazon for €5,38. The Reloaded euphoria version has the same colours of the Reloaded except a few ones (Reloaded euphoria includes gold, silver and light green shades while Reloaded has dark green, orange and ocre instead).

Have you tried this palette in the standard or Euphoria version or any other makeup revolution products?

Let me know what your favourite make-up products are in the comments below 👇🏻😘

Big kiss,

Flavia 🌸

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