Pantene Prov-in Argan Infused Oil Review

Hi everyone I hope you are all doing great 😀

I have bought this a while ago and I have been using it quite a lot so I have decided to write a review about it to let you know how I find it and if it’s a good buy🤗

Since I use hair dryer and hair straightener quite often my hair has become a bit dry and frizzy especially on the split ends. That’s why I have decided to buy this argan oil and I usually use it before or after straightening my hair and in those days with more humidity to keep frizzynes in control.

I like the compact’s container size which makes it easy and quick to apply even on the go😊

The texture is infused with nourishing blends, as mentioned in the product description of Pantene website especially “Pro-V and Nourishing Blend that makes hair strong and healthy looking from inside out”. Personally I like how my flyaways get back in line after I apply this oil and I find that it does reduce the frizzynes of split ends and roots. I try not to apply too much however because, as any hair oil, it does leave hair a bit greasy especially after I brush it. So I usually don’t apply it more than once or twice per day and always in small amounts as also suggested on the recipients products direction for use.

I also like the glossy finish that makes hair look shinier and soft😊

I have created a before and after gallery to show you better the effect of this product on my hair:

This is the before, swipe the arrow left to see the after🙂

As you can see after I have applied the product, my flyaways have gotten back in line and my hair looks tidier and glossier 🙂

I’m pretty happy with the result even if sometimes it’s not too noticeable maybe also because I always apply a very small amount but on the good side it doesn’t leave hair feeling too greasy or oily😊

The quality/price rapport is pretty good in my opinion. You can find a bottle of 100 ML of product for £6,20 on Amazon . Considering the size of the bottle I believe the cost is fair even if it could be a few pounds cheaper. On the whole, I recommend this product for everyone who is looking for a hair oil which makes hair look soft and shinier without leaving them too greasy. I would rate this product 3,5 stars out of five and I would probably buy it again 👍

Have you tried this product already beauties? What are your favourite hair oils and sprays to keep your hair in line?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope this review was helpful ❤️



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