My favourite spring sundress ❤️

Hi beauties I hope you all had a lovely weekend 😘 Today I want to present you this outfit, which I have already showed you on my Instagram: It’s composed of a sundress, heels sandals, handbag, headband and necklace.

Dress: Benetton

This Benetton sundress has to be my favourite sundress this spring!😊 I am in love with this navy blue shade which reminds me of the colour of forget-me-nots so it’s perfect for spring ❤️ The shape highlights the waist and the legs and also put an accent on the shoulders by being sleeveless. This type of dress is perfect for all body shapes and it flows effortlessly and makes the figure look good 😉 Plus, it’s made in viscose which is a natural fiber so it’s also fresh and comfortable even worn in very warm days and at the beach. Definitely a must have!

Shoes: Primark

These Primark sandals with heels are a favourite of mine! They go with pretty much everything because of this light pink shade which is cute and versatile 🤗 I think they match perfectly this sundress as the light pink creates the perfect contrast with the bold navy tone.

Hanbag: Maison Heroine

The handbag is from Maison Heroine. It’s almost the same shad of pink sandals so it’s a perfect addition to this outfit! Plus I love it because it’s a very nice and versatile shape and it’s in faux leather so it’s also an environment-friendly bag🤗 The beautiful gold detail at the front makes it sofhisticated and bright😊 It’s a perfect match to this outfit and also a perfect handbag to wear during spring because of its compacted size and light shade❤️ It also has a removable shoulder strap so it can be worn as a cross body bag too. If you fancy adding this beautiful handbag to your wardrobe head over Amazon to buy it today 🤗

Hradband: The Fashion Lemonade

The other accessories are all handmade by me❤️ This beautiful headband has a white bow, which is very pretty and trendy as we all know bows never go out of fashion as do headbands 😄 Also, the white of the bow goes very well with the light pink of the handbag and shoes and creates a nice contrast with the navy of the dress. Do you agree?🙂

Necklace: The Fashion Lemonade

The necklace is a favourite of mine! It’s made with modellabile paste, thread and gold beads. These sea shells are so beautiful and dreamy they add a fascinating ocean vibes to this outfit and perfectly match this blue sundress ❤️

What did you think of this outfit? I hope you liked it lovelies and gave you some good inspiration to create your perfect spring wardrobe 😊

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Makeup Revolution Reloaded eye shadow palette review

Hi beauties I wanted to write a review of this Makeup reveloution palette that I adore:

I really like the variety of colours in it from bight tones to dark ones. Especially the bright ones particularly the pink, yellow and orange shades are very pretty and versatile. I find that whenever I need a colour to apply on my eyes I find it in this palette, there hasn’t been a colour I haven’t found in it that I really needed except maybe for a lighter shade of grey.

This bright pink is a favourite of mine, it’s a beautiful rich colour not too heavy but noticeable and perfect for spring ❤️

The texture is pretty good and it’s very easy to apply even if I have found that it takes sometimes two or three touches to get the same colour you see in the palette, especially for some lighter tones such as the yellow and light pink. This can be a bit annoying for people who don’t have much time to get ready and need a colour on their eyelids immediately but the dark colours are richer in pigment so they are easier and quicker to apply 😊

This dark green is perfect for a variation on a classic grey smoky eyes and it’s rich in pigment so very easy to apply 🤗

Overall, despite a few minor flaws,I am very impressed with this palette and I rate it four stars out of five😊 If you want to buy it you can find the Makeup Reveloution Reloaded euphoria version of this eye shadow palette on Amazon for €5,38. The Reloaded euphoria version has the same colours of the Reloaded except a few ones (Reloaded euphoria includes gold, silver and light green shades while Reloaded has dark green, orange and ocre instead).

Have you tried this palette in the standard or Euphoria version or any other makeup revolution products?

Let me know what your favourite make-up products are in the comments below 👇🏻😘

Big kiss,

Flavia 🌸

Floral bliss🌺

Hi beauties today I wanted to show you this beautiful floral outfit that I have already introduced you to on my Instagram. It’longcomposed of this floral dress from a vintage market in Rome and canvas espadrilles from Primark .

This dress is a favourite of mine🥰 I absolutely adore the cherry blossoms print and the shape which makes it perfect for spring. This sundress is light and comfortable and can be worn also over a bathing suit and at the beach 🌞 I love the lace detail at the top and the bow behind the neck, they both add a touch of sophistication to the dress. It definitely has some oriental vibes reminding me vaguely of a short spring kimono😊 What did you think of it?

The shoes that you see in the pictures are beige canvas espadrilles from Primark. I adore these shoes for spring and summer they are so comfortable and cute! I particularly like the strings around the ankles which can be tied in different ways making these shoes versatile and trendy. And I think this beige tone and the canvas fabric is a. Perfect match for this sundress 😄 What do you think of this outfit lovelies?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏻😘 Thanks for reading beauties, see you in the next article,



Handmade spring lantern🌺

Hi beauties happy spring everyone! I recently made this lovely spring lantern that I already showed you on my Instagram:

I wrote you that I would try to write a tutorial to show you how to make one so here it is!😊 It’s very easy and fun to make and plus all you need is a carboard box and a bit of creativity 🌞


First cut three rectangles of same size on three sides of your box then paint it with a nice spring acrylic shade. I have used a purple tone here but you can choose any colour you like. Then add a square of beige/brown paper inside the lantern to create the soil which is the base of your spring landscape.


Now take a small glass jar (even the jam one works well) and fill it with some stones,a few dry flowers, leaves and slices of dry fruit . Then add the tea candle inside the jar and tie a ribbon at the top of it. I have used a purple ribbon here to match the lantern colour but you can use any shade you like 🙂 Then place the jar inside the lantern and add some details to your landscape such as dry leaves, stones and flowers. You can make some flowers too using modellable paste or fabric😊 Arrange your landscape until you are happy with how it looks.


Now add some cute spring animals to your lantern to make it more fun and cuter such as a bunny and a sheep. I have also added a butterfly made with modellable paste. I have cut a hole at the top of it to attach it to the top of the lantern 😊 You can add any animals you like, either plastic ones or you can make some yourself and decorate them.


As a final touch, sprinkle some gold or silver powder on your spring landscape to make it brighter and shinier. Now place your beautiful handmade spring lantern on your sitting room or bedroom table and enjoy a fresh, fun and colorful spring addition to your home! You can even light the lantern on your balcony on warmer nights to create a beautiful and cosy atmosphere🕯️

I hope you liked this article beauties!

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Have a wonderful start of the week everyone full of light and happiness 🌞



The cutest braid hairstyles for spring 2021🌺

Hi beauties, I hope you are all enjoying spring wherever you are! How is the temperature in your country? Here in London spring is cold! It’s about 10/15 degrees during the day and even 2/3 degrees at night ❄️ I’m not very used to it because in my hometown in Rome spring is pretty hot! We usually have around 20/23 degrees during the day and 15/17 degrees at night! I guess my body needs time to adapt to this colder weather still🤷 Since I’m spending quite a lot of time at home because it’s cold outside I have become pretty interested in braid hairstyles! I have found the time to finally learn how to make french/Dutch braids, which I had always wanted to learn since I was a little girl🙂

My first attempt at making French/Dutch braids🙂 They should be more tighten and start from a point closer to the head but anyway I’m loving them and I’m going to practice more🥰

What do you think of them? It wasn’t easy at first and I had to start again a few times before obtaining this result but I’m lucky I found a very good tutorial on YouTube after a bit of research which explained very clearly how to make these braids step by step🙂 I am not a hairstyles expert but I’m passionate about it and I love seeing cute spring hairstyles inspiration! Indeed I have also tried to make bubble braids, which is the latest trend for braid hairstyles this spring!

My attempt at making bubble braids, one of the latest braid hairstyles for spring 2021, not too bad I’d say but can always improve 😉 The beautiful ochre elastic headband I’m wearing with the braids is from Primark🙂

They weren’t too easy to make either but after a while I got used to making them and I think I’m getting better at it🙂 The beautiful ochre/orange elastic headband that I’m wearing with these lovely bubble braids is from Primark . I have chosen to add two white satin ribbons at the end of the braids to cover the elastics and also give a more romantic touch. What do you think?🥰

Speaking of the latest braid hairstyles, I have recently found out Nicole Kidman has worn a lovely braid hairstyles which is trending this spring: the fishtail braid!

Nicole Kidman has chosen to wear a lovely fishtail braid and a beautiful floral dress by Armani for her appearance at SAG Awards 2021🙂

I absolutely adore her look and hairstyle in this picture, especially the loose flocks of hair which frame the face and make this braid hairstyle more delicate, spontaneous and romantic, perfect for spring ❤️

I have also fallen in love with scarfs, headbands and all other hair accessories this year such as ribbons and flowers! I think they look super cute and after doing some research I have realised they are trending this spring! In particular the scarf braid hairstyles is one of the cutest hairstyle trends this spring 🙂

Just add a floral scarf to your French/Dutch braid hairstyle to make it more spring-like and romantic 🌼 Image via

Image via

You can also add a cute floral scarf to a single bubble braid at the back of the head. It looks very elegant and chic🙂

If you don’t have a scarf, try adding other hair accessories to your spring braid hairstyles such as a cute hair slide:

Two small braids tied with a cute hair slide at the back of the head create a super cute and romantic spring braid hairstyle!🌼

or a pretty hair pin such as these adorable flower ones:

Add some cute floral hair pins to your small braids to tie them at the back of your head and make them more springy🌸. Image via SohoStyleOfficial

In alternative, you can just create a flower with your own braids such as this lovely fishtail flower braid:

If you don’t have any flowers or floral accessories just create a flower fishtail braid at the back of your head to have the most beautiful spring hairstyle 🥰

Or pick some flowers from your garden and insert them in your braids:

Just add a few colorful flowers and a white ribbon to create the springiest and cutest braid hairstyle🥰🌺 Image via Clo_love_life’s Instagram page
Here I have added a daisy to a cute braid hairstyle I have made🌸😊

I have also noticed another trend this spring, the braids and pigtails linked all together! It’s a super fun and cute spring hairstyle which I definitely want to try!

Want a more fun and breezy hairstyle? Try the bubble braids combined to pigtails! Perfect to go jogging in the park🌞 image via Fashion Girl’s Blog
Even actresses such as the cast from Australian Saddle club TV series have opted for the braids and pigtails all in one look! Perfect to go ride your horse in the nature🐎

Other two super cute braid hairstyles which are trending this spring are the waterfall braids:

Even a single small waterfall braid at the side of the head creates a super chic and romantic spring hairstyle and takes only five/ten minutes to make🌻 Image via Refinery29.
A big waterfall braid at the side of the head is a statement this spring!🌸 Image via

and the halo braids which are perfect for summer too!

Halo braids will keep you fresh even in the hottest spring and summer while giving you a glam and delicate look💋🌼 Image via A beautiful mess.

Last but not least the Flavia braid! It’s a braid hairstyle I have created 😉 What do you think of it?

To make this cute hairstyles you need to create first a French braid and then another smaller braid on the other side which will form another braid with the French braid and a loose lock of hair. Basically it’s a double braid😊 I think it looks cute!

So here you have it! All the latest trends for spring braid hairstyles! You can’t go wrong if you wear one of these😆

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Lace, denim and braids🌼

Spring Outfit 🌸

Hi lovelies I hope you’re doing great! I wanted to show you this lovely outfit I shooted the other day: it’s composed of a cute black lace top from Primark, super soft and super skinny jeans from Primark, black leather boots from Prada and shining silver watch with grey leather strap from Swaroski. I’m obsessed with these jeans I recently purchased from Primark so I decided to highlight them by creating an outfit just for them❤️ I think the black of the top and boots bring out the beautiful light blue colour of these jeans. Also I love the contrast of the delicacy of the lace detail of the top matched with the more casual cute style of the jeans! And of course I love the Prada boots worn with skinny jeans! It’s a perfect match but honestly these boots match almost any garment and complement any outfit perfectly. They were definitely a great buy! I decided to complement the outfit with a beautiful spring hairstyle composed of four braids tied together af the back of the head and of course, I couldn’t forget the daisy! What says more spring vibes than a daisy?🌼 I hope you liked this outfit beauties and if you have any comments or questions, write them below 👇🏻😘 Wish you all a lovely evening,



Black and white for spring ❤️

Hi beauties hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday with your loved ones🙂 I spent a lovely Easter with my son and my little slugs🐌 I cooked a delicious Easter cake with a beautiful sugar dove on top and sugar eggs🕊️ And of course we ate a lot of chocolate eggs of all sizes, many handmade I had lot of fun making small eggs with nuts and Nutella which turned out very good indeed!

I also recently shooted an adorable black and white outfit for spring ❤️ It is made of a lovely white top with embroidery, a black long skirt with side split, black heels and sparkling Swaroski watch. As you already know, I love to wear black and white outfits ( you can also check my article on another beautiful black outfit here).

I am in love with this because it is both elegant and chich. The flower embroidery near the shoulders of the top creates a very beautiful detail which is perfect for spring.

Top: Tuclothing

The skirt makes it more formal because it has straight line and it’s total black. This makes this outfit more versatile. It is perfect to wear at the office too. Plus this skirt is perfect for the spring here in London (which is pretty cold) as it is long and warm and the side split adds a very chic detail. I really like it🙂

Skirt: H&M

The shoes are classic stilettos in total black, and have that business attire which goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit, I love them 🥰

Shoes: Primark

The beautiful watch is a sparkling Swaroski watch with grey leather strap which adds a lot of light to this outfit and therefore it’s a great addiction 😉

Watch: Swaroski

I really find this outfit elegant and versatile and perfect for spring! What do you think of it? Let me know your opinions in the comments below👇🏻😘 To see more pictures of this beautiful spring outfit have a look at the gallery below:

Hope you enjoyed this article lovelies!

See you in the next one, baci💋


Cute birthday outfit (and tasty Victoria sponge cake🍰) 🌸

Hi beautiful people, two days ago it was my birthday and I turned 27🥰 For the occasion, I organised a lovely party with my son Joel and we had lots of fun!

I also made a delicious Victoria sponge cake 🍰 And of course I opened my presents 😊🎁 You can see some pictures of the cake below (which I managed to take just in time before my son put a finger in it😆)

My beautiful handmade sparkling necklace 🙂
My delicious homemade Victoria Sponge cake
Joel and I blowing out the candles 😀

Among my presents, there were two that I made just with my hands🥰 : these lovely black headband with a cute white ribbon and this beautiful sparkling necklace 🙂 You can see more pictures of these adorable accessories below:

Headband: The Fashion Lemonade; Watch: Swaroski; Necklace: The Fashion Lemonade
Necklace: The Fashion Lemonade; Watch: Swaroski; Blouse: H&M

For the occasion, I wore a beautiful late winter/early spring outfit composed of a pretty H&M floral blouse, Topshop rust courderoy mini skirt with pockets, Golden Lady pale pink tights and Prada black leather boots. The accessories are the beautiful sparkling watch with grey leather strap from Swaroski and the beautiful headband with ribbon and sparkling necklace that I made 🥰 You can enjoy a gallery of this adorable outfit below👇🏻😘

What did you think of this cute late winter outfit? Let me know your opinions in the comments below 👇🏻

Also share with me your favourite way to celebrate your birthday🎈

I hope you enjoyed this article beauties, I’ll see you in the next one😊 Don’t forget to always shine bright like a star 🌟💞



Aphrodite Carnival Outfit 🌸

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing wonderful 😀 A few days ago it was Carnival, which we Italians celebrate in February every year by dressing up ( a bit like Americans do at Halloween 😄) and eating traditional food. I have decided to make a lovely Aphrodite costume for this Carnival💞 I also made an adorable Cupid costume for my son Joel which turned out pretty great, you can see the pictures below!

To create this Aphrodite outfit, I have used a beautiful Primark sundress which I have already advertised in my Instagram’s post, go have a look if it slipped your mind 😉: .

This sundress actually has buttons on the front so I decided to wear it backwards to create the simple Greek tunic and it actually turned out pretty great even worn backwards with a horizontal neckline on the front and instead the v-neck and bow on the back. It was exactly the simple and elegant Greek goddess look I was looking for🙂

Sundress: Primark.

I added the cute Tuclothing belt that you can see in the picture below to highlight the waist just like Greek women used to do. (I made the buckle 😉).

Belt: Tuclothing

To create the beautiful clock that Greek women used to wear during winter, I have used a super soft pale pink silk scarf from TKMaxxUK which did the job perfectly. To transform it into a cloak I simply opened it fully and put it on my shoulders and fastened it to the shoulder straps with two clips, which I then hid under the cloak’s fabric itself. I then tied the extremities to my fingers like women used to do in ancient Greece and I hid the other endings of the scarf by using some more clips of a beige colour. You can actually see some of the beige clips on the left side of the cloak in the picture below because I couldn’t hid all of them but I actually like to see them: they created a cute detail at the two ends of the cloak that looks a bit like an embroidery 🙂

Scarf: TKMaxxUK

Since I didn’t have any sandals at hand because of the season, I have created some by using a pair of flipflops I already had and covering them with some pink waterproof fabric to create the parts that cover the heels. I then sewed a pair of pale pink ribbons to the fabric to create a small bow around the ankles. I took inspiration from some pictures of ancient statues of Venus/Aphrodite where I saw she was wearing a very light pair of sandals which actually looked more like a pair of flipflops with the addiction of a strap on the ankles 😊

Sandals: Thefashionlemonade

I also had lots of fun creating the accessories: for the hair accessories I decorated some hair grips with leaves and flowers. I have also used gold glitters to create a sparkling effect. For the hairstyle I took inspiration from a famous Aphrodite painting where she had the hair tied in two pigtails with some locks of hair falling loose on the forehead. I used two elastics to tie the hair and then added two white ribbons just like the painting.

Hair accessories: thefashionlemonade

Since I have read that Aphrodite was born from the sea, I have decided to create a necklace with some seashells. I made the shells myself and added some gold beads to give that glittering touch, typical of ancient Greek and Roman jewelry. I have used a blue thread to recall the colour of the sea. It wasn’t easy to make as the shells turned out to be pretty heavy and tended to fall down but in the end I managed to secure them to the thread. Actually I’m pretty happy with the result, I love how the white of the shells match the blue and the gold. And I think these colours really bring out the soul of this character who seems to be only one with the sea🙂 You can see better this beautiful necklace in the picture below 🌸

Necklace: Thefashionlemonade

I have also created two wristbands using leaves, modeling paste, gold glitter, paint and gold paper I took inspiration from some pictures of ancient Greek and Roman jewels and I enjoyed trying to recreate some of these😊 I have also created a cute Carnival Aphrodite mask by using some cardboard, leaves, flowers, beads and glitters.

Wristband: Thefashionlemonade
Wristband: Thefashionlemonade. Ring: Thefashionlemonade

I hope you liked this Aphrodite costume, it was really fun to make🙂 For my son I created an adorable Cupid costume by using a cotton pillow cover secured on the shoulder with a pin. Then I made all the accessories myself. I have created the wings with carboard, white paper, feathers and silver glitters; the crown with gold paper, flowers, leaves and gold glitters; the wristband with gold paper and beads; the bow with plastic, gold paper and an elastic; the arrows with wood and red carboard; the quiver with a kitchen roll, chocolate wrapping paper, gold paper and a blue ribbon. They were all very fun to make, the most difficult ones to create were the wings and the flower crown but I’m happy of how they turned out, they seem so realistic and sparkling, real Cupid style 🥰 To see more pictures of these beautiful costumes, have a look at the gallery below 😘

Cupid costume: Thefashionlemonade

What did you think of these Aphrodite and Cupid outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you celebrated Carnival too, do let me know how you dressed up and if you made your costume by yourself, do post a picture below😀 I’m curious to see your creations 😊

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