Homemade Winter Wood Lantern❄️

Hi everyone I hope you all spent a great Christmas holiday ❤️ Now that winter has come I thought about creating a winter wood decoration to add that winter vibes to the home😊 It’s pretty easy to make and has a cosy and elegant feel, it can be used as a Christmas decoration as well so if you decide to make one, make sure you keep it until next Christmas 😉 If you like the idea and want to create your own homemade winter wood lantern, have a read at the tutorial below😘 Enjoy this winter season and get ready to blossom 🌸❤️


To create a homemade winter wood lantern you need to get a rectangular cardboard box with three or four holes which will form the body of the lantern. The box needs to have the opening at the top ideally so that it will be easier to add the snow but if your box opens on one side or at the bottom it’s still manageable. Some toys boxes or grocery packagings have a rectangular shape and some also have holes like this one in the picture. If you can’t find a box with holes, just cut three holes (if you want to see the black sky in the background) or four holes (if you don’t want the sky) of the same dimension from a rectangular carboard box. If you have to cut the holes from the box, use a pencil and a ruler to draw the holes first so you are sure they are all the same size. When your box is ready, you have to paint it with black colour paint. Use acrylic paint if you can, so the colour will be water resistant and that will come handy if you want to put the lantern outside. If you don’t have acrylic paint, you can add a few drops of liquid glue to your standard paint, this will make it more resistant to water. Make sure you paint also the inside of the lantern and the bottom. When you have painted the whole lantern, let it dry for a night to make sure the paint will be completely dry.


Once the lantern is completely dry, it should look something like this. Now we need to create the winter wood decoration inside.


To create the winter wood scenery, you have to first cut a square from a brown paper to create the ground. Check the dimensions of the bottom of your box and draw a square of the same dimensions and then cut it with scissors. Once you have your brown paper square, either press it firmly on the bottom of the box or attach it with a bit of glue. That is not mandatory anyway as the things we will put above will keep the paper in place 😊


Now we have to add the components of our winter wood landscape. You can use everything you think it’s realistic to create a wood scenery. If you have a garden, you can get some stones and leaves like I have done. If you don’t, you can use some things you have in your fridge, like pieces of mushrooms, strawberry or basil leaves, lettuce. Let them dry first after removing them from the fridge. You can also add dry flowers or plastic leaves. If you are good at crafts, you can use some malleable paste to create stones and leaves. You can paint them after they are dry. It doesn’t matter if they’re not too realistic as they are going to be covered in snow 🙂 To create the light at the bottom, I have used a small tree light which I had at home. If you don’t have anything similar, you can create a small tree with some malleable paste, paint it with silver or green acrylic paint and then add a small battery light at the base of the tree or behind it. The effect is very realistic 😀


Once you’re happy with your winter wood scenery, you can add some additional details such as small characters. I have chosen a little plastic fairy which I think makes the landscape a bit more magical. You could also add some small plastic animals like birds or squirrels. If you don’t have anything of the sort, make some small characters with some malleable paste and then use your creativity to personalise them.


Now that the bottom of the lantern is ready, we can focus on the top. I have created the moon, by using two round bar soaps glued together and covered with white paper. Once your moon is ready you can decorate it with some silver glitters or little stars. I have used both as you can see 😊 Once decorated, the moon needs to be attached at the top of the lantern. To do this you need to get some white thread and make a small hole at the top of the paper which covers the moon. Then insert the strand inside the hole and attach it on the inside of the white paper with a tiny piece of tape. Make a test to see if the thread has been attached well by holding the top extremity of the strand and see if the moon hangs without detaching from it. If the thread is sturdy enough to hold the moon, it’s ready to be attached at the top of the box. You need to open the top of the box and attach the thread to the inside with some tape. Make sure the moon hangs right above the top of the tree. Adjust the strand by cutting it if you need to.


Now it’s time to add the snow to our beautiful winter wood scenery. You can use some iridescent plastic snow like this. It’s easy to find it in big grocery stores or crafts shop. If you don’t have it you can also make some by cutting small pieces from a white plastic bag and mixing them with pieces cut from a translucent paper. The effect should be pretty realistic 😀 If your box opens at the bottom it will be easier to make the snow fall over your winter wood. If your box opens at the bottom and you couldn’t turn it for some reason you can add the snow from the holes you have cut at the sides of the lantern.


To cover the tree with snow, I have used some flour. If you have a sieve, you can pour a few teaspoons of flour into it and then shake it gently above the tree. If you don’t have one, you can use a teaspoon or an even smaller plastic spoon if you have it. Shake it very gently so that the snow falls evenly above the tree. Once the tree has become completely snow-white, you can add some final touches like some silver glitters on the tree and wood. You can pour them in the sieve and make them fall down from the top.


The final passage is to add the top light. To do this you need to get a small battery light, (you also use a small night light) and attach it on the inside of the top of the box with some adhesives. Press it firmly to the cardboard for at least thirty seconds and do a test to check if the light holds well. If it detaches, add more adhesives to the back of the light and press it firmly to the inside of the box for a minute. Once the light is sturdy enough and stay perfectly still, you should be able to open and close the top of your lantern without any problem. This will be useful if you need to add snow or other things to your lantern later. Important note: make sure your light is not bigger than the top part of your lantern or it will be difficult to attach it to the top and you won’t be able to open and close the lantern smoothly.


Now you can turn off the light and switch on your winter wood lantern😊 You can either turn on the white light for more winter vibes or the coloured light for more Christmas vibes🏮 If you want both lights, just turn them on at the same time, switch off the light in your living room and you’ll get a wonderful lights show effect from your beautiful homemade winter wood lantern ❄️

I hope you liked this article lovelies and that you will try to make an attempt to create your own beautiful winter wood lantern😘 If you give it a go, post me some pictures of your winter wood lanterns in the comments below I’m looking forward to seeing your creations 😄

Kisses xx

Homemade Christmas Lantern🎅

Hi everyone I hope you’re having a lovely pre-Christmas Eve-ning 😆 Christmas is just two days away and I can’t wait for it🥰 Are you also looking forward to Christmas? I hope you will get to spend it surrounded by your loved ones💞🎁

This year I’m a lot into crafts and interior design so I have decided to make a lot of homemade Christmas decorations🙂 Among them, I have created these lovely Christmas lanterns, which are so pretty and so easy to make! If you want to make one too, have a look at the tutorial below 😘

Merry Christmas everyone💖

First step is to choose a cute jar, ideally one that you already have at home. I chose this one ,which is the recipient of some tomato sauce, because I liked the shape, which is larger at the base and thinner at the top and indeed reminded me of a lantern but you can choose any jar you have in your cupboard and the result will be just as good🙂 Once you have selected your jar, wash it thoroughly with water and dishwashing soap and let it dry. Make sure to remove all stains both inside and outside the jar so that it will be completed transparent like the one in the picture above.

Second step is to fill the jar with some iridescent plastic snow. I have bought this snow from a shop but you can also make some snow yourself if you don’t want to buy it. Just cut small pieces from a white plastic bag or try using icing sugar, flour or cotton wool. Fill about half the jar with the snow. If you use flour or icing sugar, make sure to clean any stains that may have formed on the inside of the jar.

Third step is to add the small light inside. You can use either a small candle or a tea light. I have used a tea light in this case because with a toddler in the home I prefer to reduce candles to the minimum for safety reasons. This tealights are very cute because they have an amber light and are so easy to turn on and off thanks to the little switch at the bottom. You can find them in big grocery stores, crafts shops or also hardware stores. They are cheap but make a nice ornament in the home. You can also purchase them online if you prefer🙂. Once you have chosen your favourite candle or tealight, insert it inside the jar.

Fourth step is to add a ribbon at the top of the jar and tie a small bow. Try to use a ribbon which is same colour of the candle or tealight so the colours match more harmoniously. In this case I didn’t have a red ribbon so I created one myself by painting a pale pink ribbon with red paint.

If you also have to paint your ribbon, make sure you do this after you have tied it to the jar, as if you paint it before, the ribbon will become too hard when the paint starts to dry and it will be impossible to tie it around the jar. If some stains form on the jar while painting, wipe them away immediately before the paint starts to dry.

Once you have finished painting the ribbon and bow, let it dry for a few hours. Now your beautiful homemade Christmas lantern is ready. You can use it as centrepiece, as an ornament on a furniture or put it in any place of your home you prefer. It works even used as a doorstop as it’s pretty heavy! I have used them both as centrepieces and ornaments over furniture and I love them. They are so cosy and elegant 😊 A perfect Christmas touch to the home💮

If you wish, you can use your creativity to personalise your homemade Christmas lanterns. For example in this picture there is one I have created with gold glitters. To make one, just follow the steps above but before letting the paint dry on the ribbon, pour some gold glitters over it and then let it dry. Blow away excess glitters or wipe them away and now your shiny homemade Christmas lantern is ready 🙂

Homemade Christmas Wreath🎄

Hi dear friends I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas time so far🙂 I’m spending Christmas at home here in London with my son Joel. He has been pretty naughty recently so it’s been very hard for me to manage everything but as always with the help of God we managed to overcome even the most difficult days. Who knows though how many presents will Joel get this year?😆Only Santa knows🎅 And how has your Christmas time been so far? For the ones among you who are parents I hope your kids aren’t giving you too much a hard time (especially to single parents I pray for you and you can do this😘)

I really like Christmas decorations and this year I have decided to make some myself rather than buying them. How do you like this Christmas wreath? If you find it cute and want to know how to make it, keep reading this article and I will show you, it’s pretty easy to make and I think it gives a lovely, leafy and elegant Christmas touch to the home🙂

So here it’s the tutorial to create the Christmas wreath:

First you need to cut a circle from a piece of cardboard. You can use any cardboard you have at home. It’s better to use what you already have at home rather than buying something new so you can save money and the environment 🙂 In this case, I have used the cardboard I had kept of salmon slices, I chose it because it’s a pretty silver colour, perfect to create a Christmas decoration. To cut a perfect circle I have used a homemade compass. You can create one by attaching a bit of twine to a pencil or a pen and then pressing one extremity of the twine firmly with your finger whilst drawing the circle. Once you have cut your circle with scissors, you need to draw another circle inside the circle you already have with the compass and cut it. So you have now created a round frame that can be used as a base to create the wreath.

Second step is to find or create the ornaments to attach to the wreath. You can use any ornaments you have at home. Both dry leaves, food, flowers and plastic leaves, food and flowers can be used to create the wreath. In this case I have used strawberry leaves to create the green background. You just need to remove the leaves from some strawberries and let them dry for a whole night. Once dry, the leaves are ready to be glued to the cardboard frame. You can use a liquid glue that is intended specifically for crafts or also the super glue you find at the grocery store to repair China and glasses but if you choose this last one make sure you use some protective gloves as the glue is very powerful and may attach your fingers skin together. If you don’t have glue at home, you can also use boiled jam, which works perfectly to attach leaves and dries pretty quickly. This part requires a bit of patience as you need to put glue on every leaf and then attach it to the cardboard frame and press it for at least 30 seconds untile the glue dries. After you have attached two or three leaves, you can add some different type of ornament for example a slice of dry lemon or orange.

Just cut a few slices of orange and lemon and let them dry outside the fridge for a day or two. Once dry, they are ready to be attached to the cardboard frame.

Follow the same steps as above to attach the orange and lemon slices to the cardboard. Try to vary a bit while you add the fruit. As you can see, I have put some strawberry leaves, then a lemon slice and then another strawberry leaf just to create a balance between the colours and the texture. You can use your creativity to make the wreath come to life. For example, I have created some red berries by using some icing.

To create red berries, you need to create some little balls with the icing and then let them dry for at least a day so they become hard. Then you can paint them with some red food colouring and let them dry for a day. Once dry, they are ready to be glued to the cardboard frame.

Continue to glue the ornaments to the cardboard frame until the circle is full. This work requires some patience and it may be a bit tiring as you have to press all the ornaments to the frame until the glue begins to dry. But once finished, the result is very pretty.

Last step is to add more ornaments to your wreath to cover all silver carboard areas. Ideally you won’t want to see any cardboard piece when the wreath is finished. So wherever you see a piece of carboard popping out, add some more ornaments so that the cardboard frame is hidden. I have also used some little pieces of dry mushrooms and tiny pieces of wood to enrich the wreath but really you can use anything you have in the fridge or in the garden or in the crafts drawer that you find cute🙂 Once you have glued all of your ornaments to the cardboard frame, just remove the excess glue so that it looks tidy and clean and let the wreath dry for a night. The day after you can check your wreath to see if the glue has completed dried. If some items move slightly when you touch them, it’s better to leave the wreath dry for the whole day too. Once all the ornaments are completely still and there is no excess glue visible, the wreath is ready.

Now you can hang your beautiful homemade Christmas wreath to the wall or the door by using some hooks or adhesives and merry Christmas to you all🎅

Maxfactor Sunbronze Elixir Lipstick Review💄💋

Hi beauties 😘 I hope everyone is having a great Christmas time so far 🙂 I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I have been very very busy looking after my son Joel and cleaning my home (and also trying to stop Joel from making a mess of it on a regular basis😆).

I have recently purchased a beautiful lipstick that I liked so much that I have decided to share it with all of you💗 Maybe you could find an inspiration for a Christmas present by reading this article 🤗

The lipstick I have been talking about is the Maxfactor Elixir lipstick in the Sunbronze shade as you have noticed from the title above. It’s a beautiful lipstick in a red/brown shade, which I love. It’s chic, is perfect for autumn and is elegant but at the same time chill, so that it can be worn pretty much any time any day even inside our home. I personally wear it both when I’m at home and when I go outside and it does its job perfectly in both situations, by adding that touch of elegance and sophistication and at the same time bringing some autumn vibes in my daily make-up.

I also love the packaging, as you can see from the picture above, it comes in a beautiful and elegant gold packaging with the black Max factor writing in the middle. I must admit is the best lipstick packaging I have in my make-up bag so far😃

I also like the slim shade which makes it very easy to apply. I don’t even need to apply a lip liner first and the texture being Matt, it doesn’t smudge during application.

The colour is vibrant and has good pigmentation even if it requires a few applications before reaching the same shade of colour you find in the tube. At first, it looks a bit lighter than the colour you see in the tube. It looks more a pink/light brown shade than a red/brown one, but after two/three applications, the colour becomes darker and more vibrant reaching the same shade you see in the tube. I have also happily noticed that the colour doesn’t transfer on things such as napkins or glasses but it does transfer on other people skin (I noticed that when I kissed my son on the cheek 😆).

This is how Sunbronze looks after a few minutes from application without any lipline or retouch.

The price, £8.99 is very good for its quality making it a pretty affordable lipstick. You can find it for €6,20 on Amazon 🙂

Indeed most of Maxfactor brand products have very good quality/price rapport and that’s why I really like this brand 🤗

I leave the flaws for last as nothing is perfect in this world as you well know lovelies 😉

First it’s not very long lasting. It doesn’t survive a meal and not even a drink in my experience. I have to reapply it every time I drink or eat something and overall I end up retouching it at least three times during the day.

Despite the description on Max factor website states it’s a nourishing formula enriched with emollients and vitamin E, I find that it leaves my lips pretty dry, indeed I have to apply lip balm both before and sometimes even after applying Sunbronze. It’s true though that most lipsticks end up leaving the lips a bit dry no matter what the ingredients are especially if they are worn for many hours during the day. Personally, considering the price and all the good qualities of this lipstick, I find this last flaw just a minor detail.

Least but not last, vote😃 Sunbronze takes four stars out of five. Despite a few flaws, I love this lipstick, the Sunbronze shade is perfect for autumn, the slim shade makes it super easy to apply and the packaging adds a touch of sophistication to any makeup bag. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes lipsticks and want to try some autumn style products🥰🍁 It would also make a perfect Christmas present🎁

I hope you liked this article beauties and tell me about your favourite lipsticks and make-up products in the comments below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! God bless you and don’t forget to share beauty and kindness with anyone you meet❤️ Big kiss💋

High-necked olive drab dress and a touch of pink

Hi dear friends🥰 I hope everyone is doing great! As the title says, today I’m showing you a very cute lovely outfit composed of a lovely high-necked olive drab dress, pink handbag, black cardigan with silver buttons and black heels.

This dress is beautiful and I love wearing it, I think that it makes my figure look great. A sheath dress is always a great option if you have a small waist and a rectangular body shape. So if you are reading this and have these body features, you should definitely go purchase more sheath dresses (this one included 😉). The high neck makes it perfect to wear in those cold and windy autumn days: great to prevent a sore throat and dashing at the same time 😁. The shoulder pads create an original touch, which reminds a bit the ’80s fashion. This olive drab colour is suitable for autumn as it reminds the colour of the dry leaves and it’s also easy to pair: it goes perfectly with black, white, brown, rust, auburn, burgundy, taupe, cream, champagne, bronze, gold, light pink, beige and all other neutral hues.

In this case I have paired it with black shoes and a lovely light pink handbag. The shoes are black imitation suede stiletto shoes from Primark. Both the colour and the shape of these shoes match well with this dress as they are pointy and thin like the dress and in black hue which goes well with the dress’ olive drab shade.

The handbag is a favourite of mine🥰 It’s a beautiful pale pink handbag in faux leather from Maison Heroine. I like the fact that it comes with a shoulder strap which can be easily removed thanks to the two hooks at the side, turning it into a clutch in a matter of seconds. In this way it can be used both as a shoulder bag paired with a more informal outfit or as a clutch combined with a more formal one. Since this is an elegant look, I have chosen to remove the shoulder strap and use it as a clutch as you can see from the gallery below. I love the gold detail at the front of this handbag and at the end of the zip. I think this gold details match perfectly with the light pink hue of the bag. Plus, the gold goes perfectly with the olive drab hue of this dress. I think that this bag is a perfect addition to this outfit 🤗

The last piece of the outfit is the cardigan, as you can see from the pictures below. I have chosen to add this cardigan to complete this autumn outfit so that it becomes warmer which is important if the outfit needs to be worn out in the streets and not only inside a building. I love cardigans since they are so easy to wear and take off compared with jumpers. Plus, they look more elegant and chic. This cardigan is a black cardigan with silver coloured buttons from Zara. It is a very particular cardigan as the fabric has been sewed to create a design which reminds of inlay work, even if the material used is the same fabric which is also present in the inside of the garment. But it seems different to the touch and by looking at it, because of the way it has been sewed. It is a very pretty design. I find it very elegant and cute. The only downside is that this sewed decoration is very delicate and it can be easily damaged if the fabric comes in touch with sharp metal objects, pointy objects (a chain or metal details on handbags can easily ruin it for instance) or sticky items like adhesives. So it requires some attention when worn. All in all, this cardigan represents a perfect addition to the outfit because of its design, the detail of the silver buttons and the black hue which matches the shoes.

Last but not least are the accessories: the watch you can see at my wrist is a Swaroski crystals and grey faux leather strap watch from Swaroski. And that brings us to the end of the description of this chic autumn outfit. What did you think of it? Have a look at the gallery below and let me know what you think of it by commenting below😘 I really hope you enjoyed this article and that you could find some useful insights and inspiration for your autumn looks❤️

Have a lovely weekend everyone and always do what you love 🥰

Lovely autumn outfit 🍂

Hi beauties 😘

Today I have created a gallery to show you a lovely autumn outfit ❤️ The outfit includes neutral tones paired with total black. As you can see from the gallery below, the outfit is composed of top, skirt, boots and handbag.

The top is a beige long sleeved courderoy top from Zara. I like the design of this top as it leaves the neck and collarbones uncovered but it also has long sleeves so it is elegant and cosy at the same time. I love its colour too, this cute beige goes really well with black or white. In this case I have paired it with a black cotton tight midi skirt from Upim. This skirt is so classy and versatile. Its shape makes it elegant and formal so that it can be worn both in an office or outside and it is perfect for both morning and evening looks. It also goes perfectly paired with my beautiful Prada black leather boots with medium heel which are a must for the autumn season.

Regarding the accessories I have chosen a lovely leather bag with handles from Moschino. This handbag is elegant because of its shape and gold detail on the front, and also versatile because of the material and colour: leather handbags go well paired with most outfits, are resistant and can be worn both during mornings and evenings. Its colour champagne,/cream makes it a perfect addition to this outfit. Have a look at the gallery below to see better this outfit 👇

I hope you liked this outfit and are interested in purchasing the garments and accessories I showed you 🤗 Or maybe you have found some inspiration to create a similar outfit with garments and accessories you already have in your closet. Let me know your thoughts on this lovely autumn outfit in the comments below!

Before finishing this article, I just wanted to say to all of you to love yourselves, believe in yourselves and to work hard to make your dreams come true ❤️ You will find many obstacles in life but it’s important to not lose motivation or attention and always stay focused on your path. Eventually you will get where you want to be. Stay strong lovelies, life is tough but so are you 🥰!

I wish you all the best 💞

Ralph Lauren cherry blossoms dress 🌸

Hello beauties 😘 This outfit is a favourite of mine: I am so in love with cherry blossoms (and all floral prints in general 🤗) and Oriental style. This dress includes both these beautiful features. The floral print is so cute and delicate. These pink flowers with shades of red and orange on a light blue background that represents the sky almost look like a painting. It is a beautiful print with pastel colours which is perfect to wear in summer, autumn but also spring. It’s a versatile dress which goes well paired with neutral colours such as crème, ivory, taupe, beige and pastel colours like pink and light green.

Bag: Moschino

The shape of the dress reminds a lot the one of a kimono with these pretty loose three-quarter sleeves and a belt around the waist which creates a contrast between the top and the bottom part.

As you can see from the photos, for the accessories I have chosen a beautiful ivory bag with golden detail from Moschino. The neutral hue of the handbag matches perfectly the light colours of this dress. A pink or white bag also could be a perfect choice to match this dress.

Dress: Ralph Lauren

As you may know already, I love mixing old and new accessories. The shoes I’m wearing in the pictures are the pink pale sandals in faux-leather with plateau from Primark. The shade of these shoes is very similar to the colour of the flowers of the dress so it is a perfect addition 🥰

Shoes: Primark

I hope you liked this article ! What do you think of this floral outfit for late summer and beginning of autumn? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇

Lots of love ❤️

A sparkling summer outfit

Hi lovelies 😊 Today I want to show you a very cute dress I have recently purchased. It’s from a brand called LOVE, which produces all garments ethically in the UK. I honestly had never heard of this brand before, I discovered it thanks to this dress, which was displayed in an outlet store. I think it’s a pretty new brand since they don’t have a lot of stuff on their website yet but it’s certainly an interesting brand on which it might be worth to keep an eye on 🙂 Personally, I really appreciate the effort they are doing in respect of sustainability and valorisation of British materials. As you can see from the pictures in this article, the dress I’m referring to is a sleeveless summer short dress in a sparkling shade of bronze.

I chose to buy this dress because of three features I liked: the colour, the fabric and the sash. This hue of rust/bronze is a must for both summer and autumn seasons. It can be paired with many colours like neutrals, red and brown. The fabric has been crafted in a particular way so that the dress appears lucid and shiny: this makes it trendy and perfect to be worn on a night out or a special occasion.

The sash is perfect to highlight the waist and emphasize the figure. This dress is very light so it is perfect for warmer summer days. To wear it on a colder day, an elegant cardigan in brown/bronze colour with some sparkling details such as a shiny finish or golden buttons can be a perfect addition.

The shoes I am wearing with this lovely dress are the cute sandals in faux leather in pale pink from Primark which I have already showed you in the previous article about the Ralph Lauren pink dress. The beautiful shining watch with strap in grey faux leather and brilliants is from Swaroski. It is a good match for this dress because they are both sparkling 😄

Bracelet: DZI

The cute bracelet you can see me wearing in the photos, is a handmade bracelet from a Chinese jewellery and craftsmanship shop called DZI. The stones used to create this bracelet are onyx (the black ones) and jade (the green one). These stones beside being beautiful, are also thought to bring good luck and a long life. Certainly an extra reason to buy this bracelet 🥰

And that’s the end of the description of this cute sparkling summer outfit. How did you find this outfit and dress? Let me know by leaving a comment below, I’m curious to know your opinions 😘 And do let me know if there is a special brand, fashion or accessory you would like to see discussed on the blog😄 I take on board your suggestions! Keep smiling beauties and I’ll see you in the next article 😘

Autumn vibes

Hi beauties 😘 It’s getting chilly here in London, autumn is definitely approaching. The other day was such a beautiful day with sunshine and I wore a beautiful outfit perfect for autumn season. The outfit has the shades of autumn: beige, brown, black, gold. My favourite part of this adorable outfit? The coat, the skirt and the boots😊 But I prefer to let the pictures speak on their own. I have created a gallery below to show you this cute autumn outfit. If you read the captions under the pictures, you will know the brands of all garments I am wearing. Enjoy 🥰

Do let me know if you liked this outfit by leaving a comment below. And also tell me what you like to wear during autumn season. I look forward to hearing from you! Have a lovely evening lovelies and always shine bright like a diamond💎

My favourite Bessie backpack and BIK BOK skirt

Hi beauties 😘 I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am so in love with this outfit for summer/autumn. I hope you like it as much as I do. My favourite parts of this outfit are the skirt and the backpack. The backpack’s hue is lovely: this light green is delicate and bright at the same time. It brings light to the whole outfit 🙂 This cute backpack caught my attention not only for its beautiful colour but also for its design. It has a curved shape, which is graceful. It’s large enough to allow us to fill it with many items (including food for a picnic😋) without being too heavy since the material and design make it very light to carry. The colour of the backpack is pretty but requires a bit of attention when considering the combination with the garments.

Indeed since it is a hue that is pretty bright and noticeable, it goes better combined with black and white garments or with clothes that are of a neutral shade like pale pink, light brown, beige, ivory, grey etc.

As you can see from the picture, I have chosen to pair it with a white skirt and black top and shoes. In this way, the intensity and quantity of colour in the outfit is balanced. The backpack has three pockets: the main one, one inside and a smaller one at the front. The straps can be adjusted to our favourite length and the presence of handle is useful as it allows us to also carry the backpack in our hand like we would do with a handbag.

Backpack: Bessie London.

The skirt has got to be one of my favourite garments I have ever worn. I chose it because its beautiful bright pristine white hue and white lace details caught my attention. I love lace, I think it adds a touch of grace and elegance to any garment and accessory. The skirt is knee-length, tight and has a petticoat which makes it more elegant, perfect to wear in the city and not just on the beach.

Skirt: BIK BOK. Top: George at Asda.

Although it is made in polyester, it is so soft and lightweight that resembles a lot viscose, a natural fibre. Similarly, when you wear it, the body skin seems to breathe in the same way it does when you wear natural fibres. I think it is because of the way this fabric has been created and sewed.

Since I like black and white outfits, I have decided to pair the skirt with a black long sleeved corduroy top. I think it goes perfectly with this skirt. The black of the top creates a perfect contrast with the sparkling white of the skirt. It highlights the skirt and makes it seem brighter. To adhere to the black and white style, I have added black leather boots with side zip and medium heel from Prada. And this is the end of the outfit’s description, I hope you found it interesting 😊

What are your thoughts on this outfit? What is your favourite part of it? Leave a comment below to share your opinions and ideas with me✌️ I look forward to hearing from you, have a great start of the week ahead everyone, don’t forget to be your own light in the darkness 🌠